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flotrol bladder control

When your bladder allows for slight leakage or even incontinence, it can affect all other areas of your life. Instead of enjoying time with friends and family, you spend your time worrying where the closest bathroom is and working on your excuse for using it so often.

Let Flotrol Help With Your Bladder Troubles!

A normal bladder has no problem holding up to five hundred milliliters of urine at a time. When the bladder starts to reach its full-limit, the detrusor muscle contracts. This signals to the body that it is time to release the urine in the bladder. You naturally head to the bathroom.

The bladder also contains band-like muscles, which are known as the sphincters. These muscles are responsible for contracting and relaxing the bladder during urination. The sphincters are basically the start and stop switch your body uses for your bladder flow.

What Makes A Bladder Unhealthy?

Those who are dealing with bladder issues typically have a malfunction in one or more of their bladder muscles. An overactive bladder is an issue with the detrusor muscle, where it contracts way before the bladder is reaching its full-limit. This makes the person feel the urge to urinate often.

Weak sphincter muscles are another bladder issues that are very common alongside the detrusor muscle problem. When the sphincter muscles are weak, they are unable to hold urine in the bladder. This allows for slight urine leakage or full-blown incontinence in severe cases.

As you have learned, the bladder muscles are the reason for many common bladder problems. Strengthening these muscles is the key to ensuring you no longer have to deal with uncomfortable bladder issues that could lead to emotional, social well being, and psychological problems later.

Allow Flotrol Bladder Support to give you back CONTROL!

Stop letting your overactive bladder control your life. It's time for you to take back control with the help of the all natural Flotrol bladder control supplement. This supplement was designed to help you strength your bladder muscles so you can better control your urination.

The Flotrol supplement comes with two main ingredients. Both of these ingredients have been used for centuries as a remedy for bladder problems. These ingredients include soybean germ extract and pumpkin seed extract.


Soybean germ extract has been shown to strengthen the bladder muscles through providing more estrogen to the body. Yes, guys need estrogen too! Pumpkin seed extract works to stop the detrusor muscle's involuntary contractions.

Both of these ingredients have been clinically proven to help with bladder control issues in both men and women of varying ages. Participants showed massive improvement in the first two weeks when using Flotrol.

Dosage Directions

Flotrol bladder control supplement is designed to heal and maintain weak and problem bladder muscles. For this reason, you will notice the directions off the label show a high dose of the product in weeks one and two as compared to the following weeks.

The user should take 5 tablets daily for the first two weeks of use. After this initial period, the user should continue to take 3 tablets daily to maintain their improved bladder functions. Users should expect to notice significant improvement in their bladder functions within the first two weeks.

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