Flotrol Herbal Tablets Ingredients

When it comes to regaining control over your bladder problems, you don't want to test multiple products hoping to find one that works. Flotrol is the effective treatment that thousands trust to help maintain regular bladder health. Let's see why it's so effective...

flotrol ingredients

Pumpkin Seed Extract

One of the major ingredients inside of the Flotrol bladder support supplement is pumpkin seed extract. This cure dates way back to use by the Native Americans as a remedy for bladder issues.


As you may have already learned at our site, an overactive bladder is caused by the detrusor muscle. This muscle is meant to contract only when the bladder is full. However, in overactive bladder patients, this muscle contracts way too often.

Pumpkin seed extract has been proven to reduce those involuntary contractions of the detrusor muscle. This will drastically reduce your frequent urge to go to the bathroom. In additional, by stopping the overworking detrusor muscle, you will notice a decrease in urine leakage.

Soybean Germ Extract

It's likely that you know what soybeans are and actually enjoy eating them. Apart from being good for your overall health, soybeans are great to support the health of your bladder muscles. Weak muscles in the bladder, typically the sphincters, are responsible for urine leakage and incontinence.


With the help of soybean germ extract, your body is given more estrogen. This estrogen is responsible for strengthening the bladder muscles and keeping them well maintained. And yes, guys need estrogen too for their bladder muscles to grow strong.